Ocean Maid Service Using Advanced Robotics To Clean Hard To Reach Places

Ocean Maid Service has taken steps to ensure the happiness of our customers. We work hard to differentiate ourselves from our competitors with smart solutions to difficult problems. One such solution is the use of advanced robotic technology to clean hard to reach places in your home or business. Ocean Maid Service employs the use of robotic window cleaners like the Winbot to easily reach places that would normally require a ladder or more to properly clean. With this technology there is virtually no dirt or dust in your home that is safe from the professional maids we employ.

Winbot Window Cleaning Technology

The Winbot window cleaning technology is state of the art in terms of window cleaning technology. For homes that would normally require a professional window cleaning service to come with squeezes and ladders there is a better solution with your neighborhood maid service. Bypass the expensive window cleaning companies and go straight to the meat and potatoes of what you need done. Ocean Maid Service provides this service to help you get the home cleaning you want at the price you want. This window cleaning technology is truly one of a kind and it’s use sets us apart from other maid services in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach areas.

Winbot technology has improved substantially over the years to include a number of smart designs to it’s list of impressive robots. These window cleaning machines cling to your window and clean it effectively and safely as you don’t need to get up there with a squeegee to properly clean a hard to reach window. Winbot allows you to stay off a ladder to do difficult window cleaning. For Ocean Maid Service this means less chance of injury during the job and more effective cleaning as we can reach areas previously unreachable.

Get Your Home Cleaned With Winbot Technology

high window advanced cleaningOcean Maid Service is more than happy to get you started with Winbot technology for cleaning the hard to reach areas. Perhaps you have a window that hasn’t been cleaned in years high up on your house. With Winbot, you can clean this window safely and effectively. Just attached the machine to the window you are trying to reach and work the robot with a remote control. Our maids don’t need to put themselves in harms way and this helps us both with peace of mind that no one gets injured on the job.

The safer cleaning method this technology provides means that our maid company has officially stepped into the 21st century! Just imagine getting your home cleaned by robots each cleaning session by our company. No window is too high or out of reach for this technology. Just request that we bring it along to clean a certain window in your home. The windows that are high up and out of reach often go uncleaned for years if they are ever cleaned at all. This trend can finally go away now that there are smart solutions in the robotics area available to you.

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If you haven’t already, then sign up with Ocean Maid Service get the cleaning that you desperately need in your home. Just sign up and a representative will happily walk you through the steps required to take your home from a mess to its best! Professional and vetted maids are eager to begin cleaning your home with precision and expertise. Just imagine the results a professional home cleaning company will have on your home and life. Professional cleaning with professional methods that are proven to be effective is just one way Ocean Maid Service makes itself know. The use of state of the art technology and innovative techniques means we are setting ourselves apart from the competition in a big way. Sign up with Ocean Maid Service now or simply request a quote to see just how affordable home cleaning can be for you. Professional home cleaning is around the corner if you live in Boca Raton or Delray Beach. Find out what makes Ocean Maid Service so demanded today.