Ocean Maid Service is a leader in providing home cleaning services to residents of Boca Raton and Delray Beach. We provide a high quality home cleaning service at a reasonable price consistent with competitors in South Florida. We respect our clients and their homes and provide a great service at a great price.  We simply want to do a great job and keep you happy as our customer for many years to come so we can build our business. Please take a look at our pricing and let us know if you have any questions! 

Need Help?

If your home cleaning needs require additional care we are more than happy to fulfill your request. We just need instructions on your special needs so we can properly satisfy you.  We are always reasonable with our pricing so be assured our quote will be fair and competitive.

High Quality Home Cleaning At Competitive Prices

When you are knowledgeable and professional at the task you are trying to complete it will naturally take you less effort and time to complete. This is why Ocean Maid Service is able to offer the great rates it does. Our cleaning techniques will not only mean the job is done quickly, but that it is done right. We believe that a well trained maid can outperform 2-3 untrained maids combined when timed to complete a task. Additionally, when you hire a professional maid you can rest assured that none of your expensive materials will get damaged due to improper cleaning techniques. To get started please fill out the form on our Request A Quote page!
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