Ocean Maid Service works hard to prove ourselves among the many home cleaning companies around Boca Raton and Delray Beach. We constantly try to improve our service with cutting edge techniques and back up our methods with research and precision. One way we have been taking strides to differentiate ourselves from our competitors is with our ozone purification system. This state of the art technology involves the use of an ozone generator to run in your home while we clean. We carry it around from room to room as we clean and the ozone generator constantly churns up O3 molecules that kill mold and bacteria leaving your home with a crisp and clean scent. The air purification method is safe when used properly and the results are astounding.

ozone air treatment boca raton delray beachAir purification with an ozone generator can seem scary at first. The thought of pumping a toxic substance into your air doesn’t sound pleasant. The ozone generated is unstable however and breaks apart in several hours so there is no harmful ozone being left behind for you to breathe in.

There are many reasons why you would want to have this system in your home. For one, the ozone can help you live in a cleaner home as it kills the hard to reach mold and bacteria that could be accumulating there. Ozone is great for persistent smells as well. If you have pets then ozone treatment is perfect for you. The molecule purifies the air in a way that removes the smell for good. You don’t have to live with the smell of pets ever again. Ozone purification even takes care of tobacco smells! Just a quick 20 minute treatment from the ozone generator every time your maid cleans your home means you never have to live with pesky smells ever again.

How To Properly Go About Getting Ozone Treatment For Your Home

Properly administering this sort of advanced technology involves some precaution taken on both sides. For one, you will want to leave this treatment process to the professionals (us). Second, you’ll want to be gone while the treatment is conducted. The ozone itself is a harmful gas that can irritate your lungs and throat. The molecules kill mold, bacteria, viruses, and more harmful things but can also be harmful to your own body. Try not to get in the way of this machine while it’s running then.

We recommend that you have your home cleaned while your kids are in school and you are at work. You may want to plan to have your pet get taken care of on the days we do the treatment. While it only takes about 3-4 treatments to get the full air purification effect, those are 3-4 days you’ll want to refrain from coming home during the process.

Why Is Ozone Exposure Bad?

Ozone is three oxygen molecules. Similar to the two oxygen molecules that we gratefully breathe in everyday, ozone is a spin off of that. The third extra oxygen molecule is loosely attached to the other two. This means that when the ozone molecule comes into contact with a pollutant the third oxygen atom breaks off and attaches to it. This process destroys the pollutant and is also why breathing in ozone can be harmful to you.

ozone air treatment boca raton and delray beachThe effects of breathing in ozone are well documented and are not very serious. You still will want to take as many precautions as possible to not breathe in this molecule however. Breathing in ozone can have negative effects on both your lungs and your throat. Ozone is an irritant to these areas and can cause coughing and increasing susceptibility to lung infections when exposure is high. If you have asthma then you will want to be extra cautious as ozone exposure can affect your breathing.

Ask For Ozone Purification Treatment During Your Next Home Cleaning

Ask for ozone purification treatment during your next home cleaning and you will love the difference. Just imagine coming home and never smelling you pet again. If you struggle with mold then this is by far the best method of remediation. Often, with mold removal destruction of building materials is required. With ozone you have a safe and effective way to rid yourself of mold once and for all.

There is no better time to get this treatment done on your home. Just ask that you have it done during your next home cleaning and we’ll be more than happy to begin treating your home with the generator. We may ask you to remove your pet and not be present during the process just to ensure our safety standards are met and we’ll begin cleaning your air with natural ozone.

Ozone generation is a break through technology and one that will leave you happy with the results. Never before has there been a way to kill the pollutants in your home this effectively. When you couple professional cleaning with ozone air treatment you are left with a sanitary space that you can feel comfortable living in. Don’t live with the uncertainty that you may be breathing in harmful mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. Just ask us to employ this method and we’ll be ensuring you are happy and healthy for years to come.

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